Education & Training

Bioinformatics training is one of the most important areas of EMBnet. Indeed, EMBnet was the first European bioinformatics organisation that provided specialised courses and training in bioinformatics. Please find below some of our activities related to training:


  • In 2011 EMBnet and ISCB started a formal collaboration to ensure that EMBnet training courses are incorporated within ISCB meetings whenever possible, particularly those in developing regions. For more information , please see the press release in EMBnet.journal, vol 17(1), 6.


  • In 2012 EMBnet spear-headed a new international alliance with ISCB, ISB, APBioNet, ASBCB, SoIBio, NBIC, BTN, EBI and SeqAhead to establish GOBLET – The Global Organisation for Bioinformatics Learning, Education & Training ( GOBLET’s mission is to:
    • provide a global, sustainable support structure for bioinformatics trainers/trainees
    • facilitate capacity development in bioinformatics in all countries
    • develop standards and guidelines for bioinformatics education & training
      act as a hub for fund gathering
    • reach out to school teachers, to nurture future generations of bioinformaticians
    • foster the international community of Bioinformatics, Biotechnology, Biocuration and Computational Biology (B3CB) trainers
    • The ethos of the organisation embraces inclusivity, sharing, openness, innovation and, importantly, tolerance (transcending national, political, cultural and social boundaries).


  • 2017 EMBnet & GOBLET signed an agreement for the production of jointly branded E&T material. The project started in August 2017 and it produces the following types of materials:
    • Critical Guides for bioinformatics, published in F1000 Bioinformatics Education and Training Collection.
    • Train-the-High-School-Teacher materials (e.g., initially in collaboration with SIB)
    • Train-the-Trainer (TtT) materials (e.g., jointly with the ELIXIR/GOBLET TtT programme)