Organisational Membership



Any academic or private institution/research group or company looking to serve, or already serving, its local or regional community/institute with bioinformatics tools and databases, or that is proficient in the development of such tools and resources, can apply for the status of Organisational member (Node). Membership is subject to payment of an annual fee.


Membership fees are due annually, payable at the beginning of the year. The annual fee for this type of membership is  €500,00. This annual fee includes the reinbursement of travel cost to EMBnet AGM only if the representative of the member institution is elected to an executive position.

Failure to pay the fee in any year will expose the member to suspension of its membership rights and benefits.


  1. Extensive networking opportunities through email lists and meetings
  2. Right to vote in EMBnet elections
  3. Right to run for an executive position, with rights to vote on matters of EMBnet business and policy
  4. Subsidised attendance at EMBnet AGM if elected to an executive position
  5. Waived annual fee for members who organise AGMs
  6. Three free peer‐reviewed publication(s) in EMBnet.journal per annum
  7. Opportunities to attend co-sponsored workshops, training schools and tutorials at discounted rates
  8. Opportunities to galvanise new research activities and to seek joint funding
  9. Possibility to become an EMBnet-sponsored teacher/trainer
  10. Free publicity for Node activities via the EMBnet website, EMBnet.digest and EMBnet.journal
  11. Opportunities to seek sponsorship for the organisation of events such as conferences, workshops, courses, tutorials