EMBnet is a nonprofit organisation that brings together bioinformaticians from all the world to work together for to support biological and clinical research.

Since its creation in 1988, EMBnet has been promoting and fostering education and training in bioinformatics, providing technical support, services and expertise in many countries, from Latin America to Africa, India, Pakistan and Cina. These has been possible only thanks to the volunteer efforts of an handful people, who have been strongly believing in the social value of the scientific progress that can be obtained only thank to collaboration, open access and sharing of research results and knowledge.

Your donation will be not only a sign of your belief in our same principles but also the means through which you will allow us to continue in our mission of support to education and training for young researchers and free sharing of scientific knowledge.

By donating even a little contribution to EMBnet you will help us:

  • to provide education & training in bioinformatics to a larger number of people and countries;
  • to offer fellowships and special prizes to most valuable students;
  • to promote the exchange of teachers and students among different countries;
  • to offer grants for students and young researchers for attending international scientific events, courses and tutorials;
  • to organise scientific events to foster scientific cooperation and knowledge sharing;
  • to develop, improve and distribute education materials.

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About Us

EMBnet’s goal is to provide bioinformatics support to global scientific communities, spear-headed by its Operational and Executive Boards, by offering specialised expertise, and access to biodatabases, software and especially training.

Join Us

Membership of EMBnet offers academics, postdoctoral researchers, students, teachers and industrialists access to the oldest bioinformatics network in the world. Becoming a member offers many advantages.

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