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      Requests for sponsorship must be accompanied by a brief description of the event, including the following information:

      • aim;
      • topics;
      • type (i.e., National or International);
      • date & duration;
      • number of participants – average number foreseen on the basis of previous editions or on the basis of the event size;
      • keynote speakers;
      • organising and scientific committees.

      If you would like to ask for an EMBnet sponsorship, please, provide information as specifically requested by our policy and submit your request by using the form.

      EMBnet Sporsorship Policy

      EMBnet is a not-for-profit organisation whose main mission is to support R&D and E&T in bioinformatics. EMBnet’s sponsorship policy can operate only under this mission. EMBnet can only consider requests for event sponsorship where:

      • EMBnet is involved in the organisation;
      • a workshop or an EMBnet tutorial is associated;
      • the requesting organisation is an EMBnet member, affiliate or collaborator.

      Sponsorship options can include:

      1. free registration for students;
      2. travel fellowship for students;
      3. prizes for best poster/s or best oral presentation/s
      4. travel and/or hosting costs for an EMBnet keynote speaker (if any);
      5. travel and/or hosting costs for one/two tutors (if tutorials are associated);
      6. bags or gadgets for a total cost not >€300.

      The aforementioned options will be agreed with the organisers on a case-by-case basis. For options 1-3, selection of candidates must be done by the conference organisers.

      For any type of sponsorship agreement, EMBnet offers as a basic commitment the following:

      • promotion of the conference as an EMBnet co-sponsored event on the EMBnet website, with a link to the conference website;
      • promotion of the conference in EMBnet.digest and EMBnet.journal (if applicable);
      • promotion of the conference in the EMBnet LinkedIn group;
        notices to EMBnet mailing lists.

      In exchange, the conference organisers must commit the following to EMBnet:

      • EMBnet logo on the conference website, with link back to EMBnet website;
      • EMBnet logo included on all printed conference materials that include sponsor recognition;
      • EMBnet poster exposed in the conference hall for the duration of the conference;
      • EMBnet flyer or brochure and EMBnet.digest included in delegate bags.

      In addition, depending on the type of agreement, the following commitment from the organisers could also be required:

      • an EMBnet exhibition booth, strategically placed for maximum visibility;
      • EMBnet presentation talk up to 15 minutes.