EMBnet is a proud member of GOBLET, the Global Organisation for Bioinformatics Learning, Education & Training

EMBnet was one of 10 founding organisations (including bioinformatics, biocuration, biocomputing and computational biology societies and networks), each of which included some kind of education and training initiative, each with a similar problem: how to deliver tangible benefits to their communities with limited funds and just a handful of time-pressed volunteers. At a meeting hosted by EMBnet in Uppsala in June 2012, these 10 organisations agreed that it would be useful to establish an umbrella organisation to coordinate bioinformatics training activities world-wide: to share, not duplicate, effort; to share, not duplicate, cost; to work together towards common solutions and a sustainable future.

GOBLET was subsequently established in November 2012 as a legally registered Foundation to help coordinate worldwide bioinformatics training activities (1-4). Its mission is to provide a global, sustainable support and networking structure for bioinformatics trainers and trainees; to facilitate capacity development in bioinformatics in all countries; to develop standards, guidelines and branded materials and courses, to help drive up the quality of bioinformatics training; to reach out, amongst others, to high-school teachers, to bridge the gap to the next generation of bioinformaticians; and to foster international communities of bioinformatics trainers.

Find out more at www.mygoblet.org and join the growing community of bioinformatics trainers.


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