EMBNet multidisciplinary initiatives

SeqAhead (2011-2014)

Next-Generation Sequencing Data-Analysis Network (COST Action BM1006). SeqAhead organised more than 30 workshops, four conferences with more than 150 participants each, and several schools, each with 25-60 students. In total, almost 2,000 scientists participated in these activities, the impact of which has been immediate for NGS research in Europe, and will continue to be felt for many years. SeqAhead partners have published about 100 articles on NGS and related topics, and many more publications are expected beyond the end of the project.

SeqAhead meetings led to the formation of several large European collaborations, such as the (now complete) AllBio project and the newly awarded COST Action CHARME, which is to kick-off in 2016. Members of SeqAhead also won an IRSES Marie Curie project aiming to create an NGS network between the Americas and Europe.

AllBio (2011-2014)

Broadening the bioinformatics infrastructure to unicellular, animal and plant science (Coordination Action KBBE.2011.3.6-02). KBBE.2011.3.6-02: Supporting the development of Bioinformatics Infrastructures for the effective exploitation of genomic data: Beyond health applications. This Coordination and Support Action concerted the efforts of 10 bioinformatics academic institutes to generalise and broaden the applicability of the many existent human-­centric bioinformatics facilities to life-science research fields related to unicellular organisms, plants and animals. AllBio triggered the establishment of the recently initiated EU projectPROLIFIC3.


Global Organisation for Bioinformatics Learning, Education & Training. In June 2012, as part of its AGM, EMBnet spear-headed a new international alliance with ISCB, ISB, APBioNet, ASBCB, SoIBio, NBIC, BTN, EBI and SeqAhead to establish GOBLET. Now a legal foundation.