RaukR Summer School: Advanced R for Bioinformatics

The Swedish Node of ELIXIR is excited to announce a brand new international Summer School in R for Bioinformatics! The Summer School is beautifully located in the middle of the UNESCO World Heritage city of Visby, Sweden, and during 2 weeks you will get the opportunity to learn R from internationally renowned R wizzards and senior bioinformatics staff from NBIS/SciLifeLab. We believe that RaukR will take your bioinformatics R analysis and visualization skills to a new level, so don’t miss out on this unique opportunity!

RaukR Summer School: Advanced R for Bioinformatics
11-21 June 2018. Visby, Gotland, Sweden
Registration deadline: April 15, 2018

Register today at

www.nbis.se, www.scilifelab.se


Hashtag: #RaukR

A “Rauk” is a characteristically shaped stone formation, common on the Island of Gotland, Sweden. See for example