Microbiota composition prediction

Are you interested in the field of microbiome research and/or computational biology? 
If your answer is “Yes”, please, be part of the sbv IMPROVER Microbiomics Computational Challenge: an innovative crowdsourcing based approach to identify state-of-the-art computational microbiome analysis pipeline(s).
·         The objectives of the challenge are to identify the best performing pipeline for taxonomic profiling and to investigate pitfalls of current methodologies.
  • Participants are provided with metagenomics sequence data and are asked to predict the bacterial community composition of different samples.
  • Participants will submit their predictions as files containing taxonomic profiles.
  • Anyone interested in the field of microbiome research and/or computational biology.
  • The challenge is suitable for scientists with sequencing data analysis experience. However, don’t forget that you can form team and complement each other’s skillsets!
  • The challenge is open until 31st of March
Why to participate?
  • Contribute and help the scientific community to benchmark computational methods objectively and establish standards and best practices in computational metagenomics data analysis.
  • Win a travel grant worth USD 2,000 that will be awarded to the three best performing teams.
  • Contribute to writing peer-reviewed scientific article(s) describing the outcome of the challenge.
For more details, please, visit our website: https://www.sbvimprover.com/challenge-5