On May 2017 EMBnet & GOBLET signed an agreement for the production of joint E&T branded material

The proposal to sponsor the creation of EMBnet & GOBLET branded educational materials was discussed during a meeting of the EMBnet’s Operational Board in Amsterdam, February 2015, and was later brought to the full EMBnet Board during the AGM in Oeiras, June 2015. This proposal consists in a donation of 25,000 euros from EMBnet to GOBLET for to hire an Education Assistant that will be responsible for the delivery of joint branded educational material that will be disseminated via the EMBnet’s website, GOBLET’s Training Portal, the eBioKit and EMBnet.journal articles.

This initiative brings advantages to both parties: to EMBnet, because it invests in one of its main missions (i.e., Education & Training in Bioinformatics), and to GOBLET, an initiative spear-headed by EMBnet, because it helps to achieve its goals. Hiring an education assistant would be valuable, specifically for developing materials that adhere to, and help to propagate, the GOBLET standards.
The project is formally operative since 1st of August 2017 and the kinds of materials that will be developed include:

  1.  “Critical Guides” for bioinformatics (e.g., based on EMBnet’s QuickGuides);
  2.  Train-the-High-School-Teacher materials (e.g., initially in collaboration with SIB);
  3. Train-the-Trainer (TtT) materials (e.g., jointly with the ELIXIR/GOBLET TtT programme);
  4. Workflow ‘templates’ for different levels of trainee on different topics;
  5. Other materials prioritised by EMBnet’s Education & Training Project Committee (E&T PC) and GOBLET’s Learning, Education and Training (LET) Committees.

We wish EA, GOBLET LET and EMBnet P&PR PC good work and a great success!!!