News from the EMBnet AGM 2017

EMBnet AGM 2017

We thank all members that have contributed to the success of this meeting with their activities, reports, excellent ideas, fruitful suggestions and great enthusiasm.

Dimitris & Cesar at the end of the AGM 2017 election


In particular we would like to thank the new elected Project Committees Chairs, Cesar Bonavides-Martinez from the Team of the EMBnet Node in Mexico, and Dimitrios Vlachakis, Assistant Professor at the Department of Biotechnology of the Agricultural University of Athens (GR), new member of EMBnet and representative of the EMBnet Node in Greece. We wish them good work!




We welcome the Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) in Ibadan, Nigeria, as another new EMBnet Node, represented by Andreas Gisel, CNR-ITB & IITA bioinformatics teams member.

Temitayo Olagunju in between Axel and a student at the EMBnet-CHARME Big Data Training School


We are also very proud to present you two new young EMBnet members, Adrien Janssens, Technology Specialist at Genevia Technologies Tampere Area, Finland, and Temitayo Olagunju, Research Fellow at IITA.






Finally, we are honoured to welcome as EMBnet Honorary Members, Gert Vriend from the Radboud University Medical Centre CMBI (NL), and Nils-Einar Eriksson from the University of Uppsala (SE) and team member of EMBnet’s founders.

We will be back soon with other special news. Keep in touch!!!

From left to right: Emiliano, Domenica and Gert at the ABN in Amsterdam

Uppsala, 23 September 2017: Domenica with her heroes, Cesar & Lubos

Uppsala, 23 September 2017: Nils & Cesar by night