Metagenomics data analysis course at CSC, Espoo, Finland 3-6 April 2017

The EMBnet member CSC Finnish center is organising, in collaboration with the ELIXIR EXCELERATE project and PRACE, an international workshop which covers metagenomics analysis from quality control, filtering and assembly to taxonomic classification, functional assignment and comparative metagenomics.

The workshop consists of lectures and hands-on exercises. User-friendly analysis platforms META-pipe and Chipster are used in the exercises, so no programming skills are required, and the workshop is thus suitable for everybody.

In addition to covering the analysis of whole genome shotgun sequencing data, the workshop has also an optional day on community analysis of amplicon sequencing data. Finally, international databases and standards for storing the data are introduced.

Registration by 05.03.2017 23:00

Participants are selected based on their motivation description in the registration form, and they will be informed about the selection results by 7.3.2017.
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