News from the EMBnet AGM 2016

The EMBnet Annual General Meeting 2016 was organised as a satellite event of the Combined CHARME – EMBnet and NETTAB 2016 Workshop on ‘Reproducibility, standards and SOP in bioinformatics’, held October 25-26 in Rome (IT).

The workshop was a great international success and we are proud to be among the promoters and organisers of this event.

Complete Report articles will be soon available in the EMBnet.journal.

We would like to thank Paolo Romano and Allegra Via for their contribution and all EMBnet members who have supported us. In particular, we thank Teresa K. Attwood, Pedro Fernandes and Allegra Via, for the organisation of the workshop’s special session on ET, and of the “Train the Trainer” tutorial, that have involved diverse ELIXIR and GOBLET members. Paolo Romano, for his great contribution to the practical and scientific organisation of the workshop and for the organisation of the ELIXIR hackathon.

As for the EMBnet AGM 2016, first of all we are glad to welcome three new individual members: Paolo Romano, Chair of the NETTAB workshop series, Michael Crusoe, Co-founder and Community Engineer at the Common Workflow Language project and Mohamed Abouelhoda, Associate Professor at the Centre for Informatics Sciences of the Nile University. It will be a pleasure for us to introduce them at the next EMBnet Virtual General Meeting.

We are also very glad to welcome Etienne de Villiers, as a new member of the EMBnet Executive Board, and Eija Korpelainen, as Chair of the re-constituted Education Training Project Committee.

We thank Erik Bongcam-Rudloff, for all the efforts he has dedicated during this last year to allow us (the EB) and EMBnet, to solve and overcome unforeseen problems thanks to his competence, experience and positive attitude.

A special thank is also due to Terri and Etienne for their support as EMBnet Interim Board.

We thank also Antonio Santovito for his professional support. Antonio Santovito will continue to work as EMBnet.journal Editorial Assistant and Communication Officer.

Kanchana Senanayake agreed to lead and support EMBnet dissemination communication activities in collaboration with Axel Thieffry and Domenica D’Elia and with the volunteering support of Moahamed Abouelhoda.

We are already all at work and will be back soon to you with many other news.


The EMBnet Executive Board