PhD Scholarship in Computational Genomics and Transcriptional Regulation at University of Copenhagen (DK)

A 3-year PhD Scholarship is available for a highly motivated candidate in the lab of Dr. Robin Andersson in the Section for Computational and RNA Biology, Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. The successful candidate is expected to start in June 2015.

The Andersson lab is a newly started research group funded by the European Research Council (Horizon 2020). The group focuses on genomics and computational/statistical modeling of transcriptional regulation based on large-scale sequencing data, including experimental data generated from within the lab and data from the FANTOM consortium. We aim to characterize and better understand the architectures and complexities of transcriptional regulation (see e.g. Andersson et al. 2014, Nature, and gain insights into the mechanisms of regulation. We further focus on the fundamental properties of enhancers and promoters (see Andersson 2015, BioEssays, as well as the biogenesis and characteristics of enhancer RNAs (see e.g. Andersson et al. 2014, Nat Comms, For more information, see

The lab is based in a highly collaborative environment in the Bioinformatics Centre in the Section for Computational and RNA Biology, which is currently composed of 11 strong research groups. The Department of Biology is located at the Biocenter in central Copenhagen, Denmark.

The successful candidate is expected to work on projects related, but not limited, to:
1) computational modeling of enhancer regulation and genome-wide mapping of enhancer architectures;
2) systematical characterization of these architectures based on large-sale sequencing data and sequence analysis in order to understand what determines their spatio-temporal activity;
3) assessment of the extent and impact of individual variation and genetic variants in regulatory architectures in order to understand their importance, stochasticity and robustness.

Application deadline: April 13th, 2015