11th Annual RECOMB Satellite Workshop on Comparative Genomics

The RECOMB Satellite Workshop on Comparative Genomics aims to provide the premier forum for new computational developments applied to all aspects of comparative genomics, including genome structure and organization, genome function, evolution.

EMBnet is proud to announce its support as Sponsor of the RECOMB-CG 2013 Conference.

Early registration deadline: 6 September 2013.

Contributions will refer to:

Any other research topics not listed here and relevant to comparative genomics will also be considered with a strong interest likewise.

Keynotes speakers
Tal Dagan, Kiel
France Denoeud, Paris
Laurent Duret, Lyon
Nicolas Galtier, Montpellier
Ludovic Orlando, Copenhagen
Kay Pruefer, Leipzig

Steering committee
David Sankoff, Aoife Mclysaght, Jens Lagergren

Program committee chairs
Macha Nikolski, Yves van de Peer

Organizing committee chairs
Frédéric Brunet, Eric Tannier

More at the Conference web site.