EMBnet’s patronage of the NETTAB 2013 Workshop

EMBnet is pleased to announce its patronage of the NETTAB 2013 Workshop

Semantic, Social, and Mobile Applications

forBioinformatics and Biomedical Laboratories


NETTAB 2013 is the thirteenth in a series of international workshops on Network Tools and Applications in Biology. EMBnet supported the NETTAB 2012 workshop and published the workshop Proceedings on the EMBnet.journal. As a follow up of the collaboration established in 2012, EMBnet is very glad to confirm its patronage to the 2013’s edition of the NETTAB worksop.

NETTAB workshops are aimed at presenting and discussing emerging ICT technologies whose adoption in support of biology could be of particular interest.

The NETTAB 2013 workshop will explore mobile, social, and semantic solutions for bioinformatics and laboratory informatics. A savvy combination of these technologies could greatly enhance the research outcome of life scientists and markedly simplify workflows in biomedical laboratories.


Call for Abstracts
July 5, 2013: Abstract submission deadline for Oral communications
July 31, 2013: Abstract submission deadline for Posters

All aspects of the focus theme, including issues, methods, algorithms, and technologies for the design and development of tools and platforms able to provide Semantic, Social, And Mobile (SeSaMo) applications supporting bioinformatics and the activities carried out in a biomedical laboratory. More at: NETTAB 2013 Call for Papers.

Accepted abstracts will be included in the Proceedings of the workshop, that will be published in a Supplement of EMBnet.journal (ISSN: 2226-6089).

Early registration deadline: September 13, 2013.

Members of EMBnet wishing to attend the NETTAB workshop can profit from a discounted registration fee. More at NETTAB registration web page.

Conference Venue
The workshop will be located in one of the Congress venues of Venice Convention in Lido of Venice: http://www.veniceconvention.it/en/polo.php .http://www.embnet.org/sites/default/files/FirstCall-NETTAB%202013.pdf