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EMBnet.digest August 2016
A Quick Guide to IMGT/Junction Analysis


EMBnet events
Date Title Location
11/Mar/2013 EMBnet Tutorial at ISCB Africa Morocco
14/May/2013 The Next NGS Challenge Conference Spain
25/Jun/2013 bioP4med Workshop Portugal
27/Jun/2013 GTPB Course:AWGSMD13 Portugal
08/Oct/2013 WESRDA13 Portugal
15/Oct/2013 PNaS13 Portugal
16/Oct/2013 NETTAB 2013 Worshop Italy
25/Oct/2013 First Euregional Meeting on Structural Bioinformatics and Modeling of Biomolecules in Belgium, Germany and Netherlands Netherlands
04/Nov/2013 NBIC PhD course Netherlands
27/Nov/2013 CSDM13 Portugal
09/Dec/2013 IB13S - Introductory Bioinformatics Portugal
02/Jun/2014 IBSTAT14 - Introductory Biostatistics Portugal
11/Jun/2014 SMLMC14 Structural Modeling for Large Macromolecular Complexes Portugal
25/Jun/2014 Epigenetics, coding ad non-coding RNAs - Challenging NGS data Italy
07/Dec/2014 Data Structures in Bioinformatics France
11/Jun/2015 EMBnet AGM 2015 Portugal
21/Apr/2016 IC&WMexico2016. Practical Course on Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) Mexico
25/Oct/2016 EMBnet AGM 2016 Italy
Other events
Date Title Location
17/Dec/2012 Introduction to Population Structure Inference Portugal
04/Mar/2013 IX International Course on Massive Data Analysis Spain
11/Apr/2013 Galaxy workshop United Kingdom
17/Apr/2013 NGS and non-coding RNA data analysis Italy
21/Nov/2013 Competition in Biology - The Race for Survival from Molecules to Systems Germany
13/Jan/2014 International Workshops on Bioinformatics 2014 Mexico
10/Mar/2014 X International Course on Massive Data Analysis: Transcriptomics Spain
07/May/2014 EMBO | EMBL Symposium: Tumour Microenvironment and Signalling Germany
11/Jun/2014 Broadening the Bioinformatics Infrastructure to Unicellular, Animal, and Plant Science Italy
07/Sep/2014 Tutorial - Computational Tools to Define and Analyse Logical Models of Cellular Networks France
14/Sep/2014 GTPB - ABSTAT14 Course : Advanced Biostatistics for Bioinformatics Tool Users using R Portugal
15/Sep/2014 AllBio five-day course on 'Metagenomic Methods for Microbial Ecologists' Netherlands