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EMBnet.digest August 2016
A Quick Guide to IMGT/Junction Analysis

About us

EMBnet, The Global Bioinformatics Network, is a world-wide organisation that brings Bioinformatics professionals together to serve, support and sustain the growing field of Bioinformatics in the Biological and Biomedical research domains.

EMBnet’s mission is:

  • to provide education and training in bioinformatics
  • to exploit network infrastructures
  • to investigate, develop and deploy public domain software
  • to assist biotechnology- and bioinformatics-related research
  • bridging between commercial and academic sectors
  • promoting global cooperation through its community networks

Currently EMBnet has 35 nodes spread over 29 countries. The Nodes include:

  • bioinformatics related University department
  • research institutes
  • national service providers

The main task of most EMBnet Nodes is to provide their national scientific community with:

  • access to bioinformatics databases
  • specialised software
  • sufficient computing resources

National nodes also collaborate:

  • to develop good practice
  • to develop and share capabilities and software with local communities
  • to offer a variety of services, including the provision of advice, training and workshops in bioinformatics, according to local capacity and needs.


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